About Colonish.com

Colonish.com is the Construction and Design industry’s online marketplace and social community. Find your construction and design needs all on one place.

Looking for an Architect to design your project? Find them at colonish.com. Looking for a Builder? They’re also at colonish.com. How about supplier? Yes! You will find them here. colonish.com makes the tiring task of searching and switching over multiple sites easier by making a whole site dedicated for the construction and design industry. Either to be used by the industry’s members by widening their connections, Architects looking for Builders, Builders looking for Suppliers or Client searching for furnitures, colonish.com got you covered. It gives you more option than you ever thought you had, now your search wouldn’t be limited only by friends’ referral or multiple hours spent browsing through their websites, as you can easily type what you are looking for and use the filters to find it easy on the Marketplace.

Searching for materials option abroad? It’s also made easy as you can filter from searching only in your country, your region or all across the globe and our simple messaging system will make it a fine experience on contacting the seller or designer. You can also filter if you are searching for Professionals, Builders, Suppliers and Designs. Making it less crowded with focus searches. Not only that. Clients can post what they are Looking For and it will appear on the marketplace. With this you will be able to get bids or prices while waiting because sellers and service providers can search for clients Looking For specifically what they are offering. So if you get tired of Looking For them, let them find you.

Since we love browsing and making connections, we provided that feature for you to follow/ connect to the members that you want to and all their posts will appear in your Stream. Got a designer you prefer, connect to them to always see if they have a new design. Or if you are a professional who wants to update your audience, use Stream to post what’s the progress of your projects.

When you like a picture, instead of saving it, or a screen grab, just “Nail” it to your “Blueprint”. Blueprint is the collection of items that you like. It can be grouped with sections so that you have a separate Blueprint for your bedroom and then another one for the kitchen, and when its time to construct the project just share your Blueprint to your Architect or Contractor. Speaking of sharing, you can also share parts of your profile to famous social media platforms. As a seller or service provider, share your Product/Services to Facebook to give your friends a link to your colonish.com account and make this your online catalog. Share your posts from streams to Facebook. If you also like a post on Stream and want to show appreciation, then let them know that you Dig their post and also see for yourself how many people Dig your design or product. colonish.com is made for owners looking for contractors, looking for architects, searching for house designs and looking for furniture and fixtures. It’s also made for professionals making connections, an architect searching for a structural designer, a contractor hiring an interior designer or a building in search of construction materials suppliers. But not only that because it works both ways, as a professional, a seller, a supplier can also look for clients who are in search of exactly what they are offering. It’s all about connections. Making it easy. That’s what colonish.com is all about.

colonish.com: Building connections of professionals and builders and suppliers and clients and you

colonish.com: Construction and Design industry’s online marketplace